What comes in each of the kits?

  • Everything you need to successfully build each sculpture! It includes all of the cut and scored pieces, glue, a practice piece (which you build into a whale along with a video on the assembly page), and a tool to help with folding and gluing

How do you hang them on the wall?

  • It's super easy! There's a flat back piece with an opening. The top of that opening will easily sit on a pushpin or nail since the whole sculpture weighs less than a pound.

How to hang photo

Are there any guidelines for where to hang them?

  • These are indoor animals! They shouldn't be outside where the temperature and moisture can hurt the paper. Along those same lines, I wouldn't recommend hanging them above a heat source (a vent, radiator, or fire place for example). The constant heat will cause the paper to warp and lose strength over time so you're sculpture will start to droop :(

Can two or more people build these together?

  • The sculptures work best with one person per kit. If you really want to do it with someone else, I recommend having one person on folding and one person on gluing. The pieces need to be assembled in the order they are numbered so having two people trying to glue them in at the same time can cause problems.

Do I need any paint?

  • Nope! That's the actual color and finish of the paper you see in the photographs. You are more than welcome to paint them if you want to and I'd suggest using the whale that comes with each kit as your test.

Can a child build these?

  • Possibly. I generally recommend 10 years of age and older. These take time and patience! Be sure to check out the difficulty scale on each one before you decide to gift this to anyone but especially for a child. I recommend the Dragon, Unicorn, Raccoon, Giraffe, or Panda as good, easier ones to accomplish for older children (especially with some help from you!).

Why are the numbers grey on the white paper pieces?

  • Sometimes the numbers can show through on the white paper when there's light shining through the paper. To make this less visible, the numbers are grey so you won't see them on the finished sculpture.

Why do some numbers in the kits have letters after them? 14a, 14b, etc.

  • These are all pieces that need to be built together before you add them to the rest of the sculptures. It's usually a feature that is easier to build, then add on such as an ear that takes 2 or 3 pieces to build.

How do you know the proper order of construction?

  • Each piece has a big number in the center of it. You start with 1 and then glue all the tabs of piece #1 and piece #2 together. Then grab piece #3, glue all the overlapping tabs to #1 and #2, and so on. The edges all have numbers as well but they aren't in numerical order. The program I use randomly generates the edge ID numbers so there's no order to them.

Why do some pieces have symbols like %, $, &?

  • On some kits the back piece is bigger than the 12x18 paper we use. So you need to glue 2 pieces together to make that large, flat back piece. The symbols are used to help you line that up and so you know that this is different than the rest of the head since there's no folding of those edges, just gluing together.

What's it cost to ship to me?

  • Shipping is free in the US. I've unfortunately had too many issues with international shipping getting lost and not being delivered so at this time I'm not offering international shipping.