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Gwen the Koala
Gwen the Koala
Gwen the Koala
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Gwen the Koala

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Wall Decor

Gwen the Koala is a DIY paper animal that you bring to life using the materials included in your Resident paper craft kit.

Gwen's Bio

Gwen likes eucalyptus...... and that's about it! It's very easy to stock her fridge and you'll never need to ask what she wants for dinner. While being a picky eater, she isn't picky about anything else in her life. She's known as an eclectic dresser, wearing anything from basketball jerseys to thrifted 50s jumpers. She revels in wearing something unexpected, perhaps as a way to express her inner uniqueness. Her music taste? All over the place. Don't even get her started on the niche comedy shows she loves listening to from the 1940s. She's an odd bird but hopefully you'll enjoy having Gwen join your home.

Paper Craft Kit Specifics


Color: Light blue body, black nose, brown branch