2020 Holiday Gift Guide

2020 Holiday Gift Guide

It's an important year to shop intentionally, especially for the holidays. We wanted to feature makers and businesses that Justine & I both know and frequent ourselves. This list is our pick for unique, high quality gifts that will support fantastic people. In no particular order, we recommend checking out:


T-We Tea

Our friends Kier and Christopher have great products, packaging, and personality. As loose leaf fans ourselves (maybe even snobs...), T-We is a great place to go to cultivate more love for tea. Grab a three pack, laugh at the names, and enjoy a cuppa on a cold winter's day.

Skelton Jewelry

Sam Skelton is our neighbor just up the street here in Pittsburgh and a close friend. She makes industrial style jewelry by hand and is super giftable for yourself or a loved one. Justine particularly loves the necklaces featured above and has a ring made by Sam of a family heirloom star sapphire. 

Lovett Sundries

We use their dishwasher powder. Justine uses their body butter and deodorant. Tristan uses the cast iron conditioner. Lovett is another Pittsburgh based business that handmakes natural and EFFECTIVE products. Seriously simple ingredient list and they really work (did we mention they work well?). Super easy to get refills as well in their sustainable packaging.


We've known Lydia for about 5 years and she keeps innovating with new products. She hand dyes scarves and clothing like the sweater above (which Justine never wants to take off). Now based in St. Louis, she has recently opened a physical location with her sister called Cozy Shop in St. Charles

Jera Lodge

Jera is a Pennsylvania jewelry artist who creates pattern based jewelry that is architecturally inspired. We always love the shapes and colors of her work. She's recently been doing more giftable metalwork (flowers and ornaments) for the holidays so be sure to check those out too!


 Jen is a fiber artist based in Baltimore that draws (mostly) birds with her sewing machine. How cool is that? We have her oven mitts and a big portrait that is hanging on our wall. You can get purses, home décor items, aprons, etc. in great colors with happy little birds on them.

Laurel's Bench

We always drool when we see the amazing fossils and natural stones Laurel features in her work (see photo above, wipe chin). Tristan loves buying her pieces so he can stare at them on Justine. Laurel knows how to highlight natural beauty with metalwork that enhances that beauty.

Tabal Chocolate

We literally just ordered more when we put this guide together. Particular favorite - the Bolivia + Almonds was excellent! Their chocolate is handmade in Wisconsin. They partner with cacao farmers all over to source their chocolate. Then they roast and grind them to create the bars. Do you know how cool that is that they DIRECTLY work with farmers? They tick every box of being sustainable, organically grown, supporting famers directly, and super super tasty.


And don't forget us here at Resident! We're giftable too for your crafty friends and family! Thanks for checking this out and have a great end to 2020.

Tristan & Justine

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  • Very nicely written! I love the wipe chin comment on the Laurel’s Bench description. I enjoy the way you write and will be sure to refer back to this list!

    Erin on
  • What a great idea to share what we love with others. Now, next year I am looking for an ornament group from Resident that I can build with children 6-9. I would certainly buy several!

    Deb Poplasky on

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