What is Paper Craft?

What is Paper Craft?

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Paper craft is the broad term for making objects out of paper. A lot of styles and practices fit under this general category so we'll take a look at a lot of them to see what qualifies. I think paper is really approachable because it's something everyone has experience with. It's inexpensive to start with and a very tactile material. Because of this it's becoming very popular. There's a ton of simple paper craft that's easy to do fast at home but I'm seeing a lot more complex work being done out of paper.

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Paper craft has an aesthetic, educational and therapeutic value. This art form is particularly popular with children because it's so approachable. It strengthens understanding of geometry, develops problem solving skills, promotes multi-cultural awareness, teaches patience and following instructions. Maybe most importantly, paper craft also serves as a medium to express feelings and have fun.

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Some common types of paper craft are origami, decoupage, card making, scrapbooking, paper flowers, quilling, paper making, paper layering and bookbinding. Here is a closer look at each of these:


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Perhaps the most famous paper craft practice, Origami is a Japanese art form that involves folding paper into objects. Traditionally, origami does not include the use of glue, tape, marks or scissors. The idea is to create a figure folding a flat piece of paper, with no additional tools. The most popular origami shapes are animals and flowers.


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Decoupage is an art of gluing paper cut-outs onto the objects. The most common items to decorate include vases, bowls, pots, boxes, furniture, and plates. The tools needed for decoupage are pieces of paper, scissors, and glue. Decoupage papers are the papers created specifically for this art form, but you can also use cut-outs from magazines, origami papers, wrapping paper, and other types of paper.

Card making

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Card making is exactly what it sounds like - an art of making greeting cards. The cards are typically made with a blank card, ruler, craft knife, and glue. The most popular handmade cards are Birthday cards. The most rewarding thing about self made cards is that giving them to someone makes them feel special. It shows that you have been thoughtful and put in extra effort to congratulate them on the occasion.


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Scrapbooking is very similar to cardmaking, except it involves working with blank book pages instead of greeting cards. Scrapbooking is an art of documenting personal memories by adding photos and memorabilia to the book pages. Scrapbookers use pretty much any embellishments you can glue or tie to the album: stickers, brands, ribbon, beads, sequins, stamps - wherever their creativity takes them. Digital scrapbooking is a relatively new form of scrapbooking that emerged in the digital age. Digital scrapbooking is a form of paper craft that involves digital tools and computer software. Digital scrapbookers usually use applications like Creative Scrapbook Assistant or Photoshop.

Paper Flowers

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Who doesn’t love flowers? Paper flowers are, as you might have guessed, the flower shapes made of paper. Paper flowers are a beautiful decoration. You can also create a paper flower bouquet - it makes a pretty and inexpensive gift that shows your effort and thoughtfulness. And, unlike real flowers, they don’t die!

Paper Quilling

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Quilling is a type of paper craft that involves taking paper strips, rolling, shaping, and gluing them together to create a decoration. Quilling originated during the Renaissance period, when the craft was used to decorate religious objects. Quilling has become more accessible and widespread with time, and now it is a popular hobby you can take up regardless of your religious beliefs.

Paper Making

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You can make unique pieces of paper by using recycled paper scraps, cotton, plants, and other materials. Paper making is a very sustainable practice. It provides a creative and enjoyable way for you to make use of your old receipts and junk mail! Recycling makes our planet cleaner and saves energy, which means paper making is a very environmentally-friendly craft.

Paper Layering

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The definition of paper layering is self-explanatory - it is an art form that involves layering pieces of paper on each other. While it is considered a unique art form, you can also use paper layering as a technique to add texture and depth to your card making or scrapbooking projects. Paper layering is also typically used in making paper flowers.


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Bookbinding is an art of assembling a book by joining pages together within covers. This practice is often overlooked because there is no need to bind books by hand. Bookbinding today is fully mechanized for all the books you find in a bookstore. You can find an already completed hard copy of any book you want online or in a store. However, it is important to look at bookbinding as an artistic expression. Some crafters also participate in the annual bookbinding competition, which again shows that the art form is still relevant.

What style do we do?

I don't think we really fit any of the categories outlined above. Our work feels a bit like origami but we break all the rules. We are using paper in a structural way to create 3D sculptures. Should we make up our own category? Does it matter?

What Paper Craft Means to Us 

Paper craft is about making magic with paper. It is an umbrella of diverse art forms that allow you to transform paper into something beautiful. This process is very enjoyable, and paper craft projects are aesthetically pleasing. Paper craft is a good way to let out your inner artist and get creative. Paper craft is a good opportunity to channel your feelings into a project that is personal to you. From paper making to origami and to bookbinding, there are a lot of activities to consider if you are interested in paper craft.

Hope you enjoy exploring the rich world of paper crafting and it inspires you to get crafting!

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