Six Easy-to-Do Crafts With Construction Paper for Adults

Six Easy-to-Do Crafts With Construction Paper for Adults

Six Easy-to-Do Crafts With Construction Paper for Adults

Construction Paper Stack

Crafting with construction paper should be a creative haven for every adult — a time to destress, relax, and let your creativity blossom. Plus, it gives you an excuse to head to Michaels, Jo-Ann, hobby lobby, the Dollar Tree, or whichever craft supplier is your second home. If you'd prefer to ditch the store and its chaos for a more anxiety-friendly alternative, there are plenty of DIY paper crafting kits you can get delivered to your door.

But, when you arrive home after a bit of — online — retail therapy, deciding what construction paper projects to pursue is the hard part. Thankfully, this guide on construction paper art should help you choose a worthy project to tuck into.

Construction paper is thicker paper than your traditional printer paper. It's typically a type of cardstock paper that is thicker so it's stronger, better able to hold it's shape when you are crafting with it. A lot of the terms are interchangeable - construction paper, cardstock, etc.

6 Magical Crafts With Construction Paper for Adults

Although it's an excellent hobby or pastime, the construction paper crafts you'll most enjoy are the ones you can use to decorate or give as gifts.

3 Seasonal Construction Paper Projects

Christmas Tree

Christmas Tree Origami Construction Adult Craft
Who doesn't love a bit of seasonal cheer to excuse your passion for crafting?
If there's a time of year when over-the-top decorating is allowed and encouraged, it's the holidays. The holidays are the perfect opportunity to let your creativity out as decor or the centerpiece for your table setting. If you choose to do the trees in a monochromatic theme, they'll do well with any table setting.

Nordic Stars

Nordic Star Origami

This is one origami project where construction will hold up beautifully. The stars can become tree decor, part of your table setting, or hung around your home. Find a guide by looking up Nordic Star Origami or searching on Etsy for a maker.

Lavender Bunnies

If you're a lover of bunnies or want your Easter decor to have a personal touch, Harold the Rabbit is an excellent choice. Firstly, his lavender — the perfect color for Easter's pastels — and he shouldn't take you longer than two hours to complete, meaning you could have a forest of Harolds if you'd like.

3 Construction Paper Projects

But what if you want a handmade buddy just because, for no particular reason than to have them around? Remember Harold the Bunny? You don't have to pack him away after Easter. Instead, you can create some forest friends to keep Harold — and you — company. Harold, meet Lilly the Bird, Darius the Frog, and James the Feathered Owl.

Lilly the Bird

Like Harold, Lilly is another beginner-friendly project. Lilly's gorgeous pattern was designed by artist Rachel Miller. Lilly's monochromatic look also means she should fit well into any decor.

Darius the Frog

Darius is an intermediary challenge. This big green fella shouldn't take you more than four hours to complete before you can add his sprightly pop of color to his friends.

James the Feathered Owl

By the time you've completed Harold, Lilly, and Darius, you'll be ready for James — a gorgeous wall decor piece that will watch over his other animal friends and share his wisdom with them. James is a paper craft project that needs patience, requiring you to tuck in for about four to six hours.

After you've created just one of these crafts, you'll never look at construction paper the same.

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