Artist Collaboration - Argaman & Defiance

Artist Collaboration - Argaman & Defiance
First things first, what’s the name of your business and what kind of things do you create? What medium to you typically work in?

My name is Lydia Crespo and I am the owner/head maker at Argaman&Defiance.

Argaman&Defiance creates 100% silk scarves. We paint intricate patterns with water-based inks and naturally dye the scarves with pigments found in tree bark roots and leaves. From stitch to surface design, Argaman&Defiance creates every piece by hand.

argamandefiance, silk, tie dye

Website -

Instagram - @argamandefiance

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What made you interested in doing a collaboration with Resident?

I love and appreciate the work Tristian executes in every design. I couldn’t help but be inspired and want to add to it.

Walk us through your design process for this specific creation - what influenced the final work?

I wanted to create something that would encompass all the whimsy magic that Unicorn symbolize. A bright fluid design that would almost dance on the paper surface was the way to go.

Did you run into any challenges when creating a design for a 3D paper product?

I had to work fast so that the wet marbling ink wouldn't bow the paper. I did a few test runs and quickly found a rhythm that worked. 

paper animal sculpture unicorn

If you had to choose one Resident to hangout with (or to hang in your house!) who would it be?

Beverly the Rhino - But maybe that is cheating because she is already in my home. If I had to pick another it would be Louise the Giraffe.

Any podcast, album or show suggestions for our community to check out while they build their next Resident?

If I can shout out myself - I have been featured on a few podcast speaking about my work, process, collaboration, and chemistry!

What I listen to:

What are you working on next? 

    I want to focus more on items for the home. Artwork, plant hangers, throws, curtains, pillows. All things homey and cozy.

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