Resident Builder Feature: Scott White

Resident Builder Feature: Scott White

One of our favorite parts of working on Resident is hearing and seeing your own builds of our friendly sculptures!

Last month we chatted with one of our mega-makers, Scott White. Scott built Clark the Triceratops, his first Resident Paper Sculpture, in 2016 and has since added three more “Resident’s” to his home (Tim the Mammoth, Beverly the Rhino, and Fiona the Sabre-Tooth Tiger). Check out our interview with Scott to find out some of his expert tips and tricks for a successful build, what TV shows he watches while he constructs his Resident’s, and what his #1 favorite thing about our DIY Papercraft Kits is.

  • How did you hear about Resident? I first heard about Resident from a post on [the fun product website] Dude I Want That.
  • What was the first Resident creature you created? My first Resident was Clark the Triceratops and I have since expanded out to Tim, Beverly, and Fiona.

Clark the Triceratops, DIY Papercraft Kit    Tim the Mammoth, DIY Papercraft Kit

Fiona the Sabre-Tooth Tiger, DIY Papercraft Kit    Beverly the Rhino, DIY Papercraft Kit

  • What made you interested in building our paper animal sculptures? I was first drawn to the great imagery and then a desire to see if I could do it.
  • What is your craftiness level on our craft scale of 1 to 10? 1 being can’t build IKEA, 10 is crafting master.  I would say I started around a 5. At this point, I think I could tackle a 10 but I am more comfortable with a 7.
  • What is your process for completing one of our papercraft kits? Do you build it all at once or come back to it over several days?  I usually complete a kit over the course of a few days.

“[The #1 thing I love about building Resident kits is] the sense of accomplishment that I finished a kit and added something unique to my home”


  • What do you do while building a Resident kit? I typically binge-watch a show that I am already familiar with (usually Archer, Bob's Burgers, or Seinfeld) so I can focus more on building but still have background noise.
  • Any tips or tricks that you’ve found to make the build process easier/more enjoyable? I have adapted my process over the course of 4 kits.  I like to use the Popsicle stick or butter knife to help with the folds and I have started to go through and fold multiple pieces at a time so I can visualize how they fit together before I start gluing.  I have definitely become more aware of the amount of glue I use and making sure I have no glue at all on my hands.

DIY Papercraft Kit, Resident Design, Resident Paper Sculpture   DIY Papercraft Kit, Resident Design, Resident Paper Sculpture

  • What is the #1 thing you love about building Resident kits? I enjoy the sense of accomplishment that I finished a kit and added something unique to my home
  • What would you tell someone who is considering building a DIY Resident creature? Find a space to spread out (I use the back of a poster frame since I don't have a large table), definitely do the practice piece, and don't plan on finishing all at once.  Take a break after a few pieces, look at what you finished so far, and when you come back to it you will have a better idea of the process. It takes a while before you can start to recognize how all of the pieces will come together. Also, prepare to be frustrated but stick it out and it's worth it.
  • What Resident paper animal would you like to see released next? I'm a sucker for teeth, tusks, and scariness so bring on a large T-Rex.
Interested in sharing your own Resident Paper Sculpture design process? We’d love to feature you! Let us know in the comments below or reach out to me directly at


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  • Man, these polygon papercrafts are getting super popular lately. Are they made by a program? Or are they all handcrafted? I’m considering taking a project on

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